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COVID-19: What Now??!?!

We are thankful to be so loved. Over the last week, we've received SO many questions about Coronavirus (or, COVID-19 pandemic) and if this impacts our travel plans. Our special episode (click the picture) is out of sequence with our content strategy….the next video you SHOULD have seen describes who we both are and where were are going next. This seriousness of this situation warranted a change of plans.

This is really, really scary and not something we take lightly. Like all of you, we are watching, reading, consuming every bit of information on this nasty virus in hopes to get some comfort in knowing when it will be eradicated.

For now, we are sticking with our plan to travel at the end of May, assuming no travel restrictions. We will share the location in our next video, but can tell you it is NOT any of the COVID-19 “hot spots”. Pandemics affect everyone. Vloggers in particular, especially those of us aspiring to build a future out of this new lifestyle, are especially impacted.

[Jeremy] We are particularly careful because I have a compromised immune system. I’ve never shared this publicly...I have an auto-immune disorder called Hidridentitus Supporativa ("HS"). I won’t get into the details here, but can tell you the medication I’m on, Humira, weakens my immune system. It’s a disorder that isn’t well known and for those of us who have it, is devastating that there isn’t a cure. I share this with you so you know how seriously we are taking this into consideration in making our decision. Of course we’ll continue to monitor the situation and recalibrate if needed. And of course we will keep you posted on our plans. For now, no change to the plan to start our adventure at the end of May.

Please be careful out there, everyone. Until next week, have a great weekend and keep yourselves safe, please.

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