• Jillian and Jeremy

Our Very First Post - Welcome!!

Here we finally are!! For those who don't already know, we recently launched "The Adventures of Jinx and the Tiny Ninja", a YouTube travel vlog sharing our view of the world, spreading awareness and give YOU an opportunity to give back.

In January 2020, we decided to sell everything to travel the world! OH MY GOSH!!!! Unlike younger vloggers, we've had successful careers, owned houses / material "things", and have worked incredibly hard for over 20 years. This next phase of life as our own bosses is truly a dream come true.

Besides the experience of visiting new countries, experiencing delicious food and local culture, what makes us different is our desire to HELP in every country we visit. Whether human, animal, sea life, or a cause of YOUR choosing, we can't wait to leave our fingerprints across the globe and truly help change the world. Thank you in advance for your support!

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