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Where We've Been - Mexico and Brazil (still haven't mastered early 40s!!)

Wow, where to begin?!! Life as new digital nomads has been a work-in-progress, just like this website (thank you for your patience 😳).

Since our last post in March 2020, we've been to two different countries - Mexico and Brazil - house and pet sitting to help stretch our savings (a.k.a. new business investment).

Let's start with Mexico. We spent 2.5 months - July through mid-September '20) in the Yucatan Peninsula in a quaint fishing village called Progreso, which is 30 minutes north of the state capital, Merida. Most everything was shut down (COVID), and there was even an alcohol prohibition for a majority of the time we were there. We spent the first month getting organized and figuring out where to volunteer, since our original volunteer opportunities canceled on us (covid, ugh). The second half of our time in Mexico was spent volunteering, and we happily partnered with three nonprofits to help magnify their missions: 1) Yucatan Giving Outreach, 2) Chixculub Soup Kitchen and 3) Progreso Apoyo Program. We plan to publish a dedicated Mexico post soon, in the meantime, consider watching our YouTube Mexico series to really get a feel for how we spent our time:

Next stop, Arraial D'Ajuda, Brazil, located in the state of Bahia. As of today, we've been in Brazil almost three months, and kicked off the first half of journey volunteering with two organizations: 1) Filhos do Céu and 2) Anjos D'Ajuda helping children and animals. Speaking of animals, Jillian was attacked by two dogs - a Rottweiler and Shepard mix - while walking one of the pit bulls we are petsitting. That was a first and hopefully last!!! Again, a dedicated Brazil post is the meantime, watch our YouTube Brazil playlist to share along in our journey:

There are been some definite highs and lows in this new lifestyle. We plan to share those highs and lows in a 2020 "Wrap Up" video. We are incredibly grateful and humbled at the opportunity to live this lifestyle, and can't wait to share the 2021 journey with you. For now, we look forward to heading back to the USA in mid-December to spend time with our Moms for the holidays.

Wishing you all the best, always.

Jillian & Jeremy

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