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Fiji: Our Demo Trip as Digital Nomads

Fiji has been on our bucket list to visit for some time. We booked the trip before making our life decision to sell everything and travel the world. Once we decided that was our new life plan, we decided to use Fiji as the "demo trip" to video production, being on camera, capturing footage, etc. All we can say is....Fiji was everything we dreamed and more!! Besides the gorgeous landscape, the PEOPLE made this one of the most memorable trips we've ever experienced. We took SO much footage we had to split our video into two parts. Part 1 focuses on the beautiful Fiji everyone thinks spice things up, you'll see Jillian have a MAJOR wipe out - face smashing into concrete - while on a hike. Check out the video below and let us know what you think!!

The second half of our Fiji experience focused on GIVING BACK. We visited a local village named Nukubalavu to bring school supplies to a small kindergarten. Let's just say we were extremely touched by how excited and thankful the kids were. We also had an amazing local cultural experience of drinking KAVA!! In the U.S.A., kava is sold in the form of a vitamin. In Fiji, the actual kava root is harvested, ground into a powder, then....wait a sec, you can see for yourselves!!! Check out part 2 below, and we dare you not to cry!!! All our best, Jillian & Jeremy

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