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HS Advocacy

Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) is a painful skin condition that causes skin abscesses and scarring on the skin. HS is not contagious, and up to 4% of the global population suffer with HS - that's over 320 million people. 

There is no cure...yet

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Jillian looking lovingly at Jeremy, and he in return.

Photo by the talented: John Mollura

Why We Care
Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) is a big part of our lives.

Welcome, Friends and Fellow HS Warriors!


Jeremy's journey with HS began in 2015 when he had a weird bump that wouldn't go away. Read the whole story.


His HS was so bad in late 2020, that he spent a whopping nine months bedridden. This was a really dark time for us.  Jeremy felt like he lost his passions and ability to do basic things.  But you know what? That experience lit a fire, pushing us to reach out and join forces with the larger HS community to make a real difference. Today, we are unstoppable.

Now, here's a mantra we live by, and we're passing it on to you: it's our passions that define who we are, not HS. HS doesn't get to slap a label on us – no way!  

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How We Advocate: Our HS Projects

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Warrior Stories

Warrior Stories are videos between 10-15 minutes long which showcase amazing individuals (we call WARRIORS) suffering from Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) around the world. Occasionally, we plan to incorporate HS-related stories from medical professionals, caretakers, and more.

As world travelers, Warrior Stories was a natural fit with our desire to advocate for HS, inspire others, and prove that HS doesn't define you, your passions do.  


Five stories have been shared to date, and over 70 requests from around the globe been received. We are excited at the idea of every person living with HS being able to identify with one of our Warriors.

Request an Interview

Complete this short form and we'll follow up by email.


Please email Jillian to discuss how we can work together. So exciting!

Enjoying Annette (Swiss Warrior)
Thank You For Being Here!
Mantra When You Are Having a Hard Time
Warriors Who Want Interviews
Jeremy filming Rebekah (Seattle Warrior)
Jillian and Eleonora (Italian Warrior)
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Sharing Our Story

Every experience shared, every challenge overcome, and every triumph celebrated adds to the collective strength of our community.


By opening up about our journey with HS, we not only raise awareness but also inspire others who may be facing similar struggles. Our stories break down stigmas, build connections, and pave the way for a more informed and compassionate world.


Each narrative becomes a beacon of hope, a source of education, and a catalyst for change.  Read the below examples of how we are amplifying the voices of HS advocates and ensuring that our collective experiences create a lasting impact.

Photo by the talented: Jeremy Hinskton, SiK Imagery


Beautify HS Project

Photos and video interview sharing the experiences of nine HS Warriors, including Jeremy, and demonstrating what it means to beautiful with HS.

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The Beacons (Tribeca)

We partnered with a pharmaceutical company on a powerful docuseries presented at Tribeca Film Festival in June 2023 to shine a light on life with HS.

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RE>Figured Project

Amazing Photographer John Mollura partnered with portrait photographers around the country to help turn scars, wounds, and hurts into celebrations of survival with interviews and photos.


As Seen In

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We welcome the opportunity to share our story with reputable organizations, media outlets and individuals.  Please contact us for a potential collaboration


Working with the best is our goal.  We've been fortunate enough to forge solid working together relationships with medical professionals, pharmaceutical companies, HS advocacy groups, individual advocates, and nonprofits such as HS Connect and The Association of Hidradenitis Suppurativa and Infectious Diseases to help amplify their message and join them in advocacy projects. 

As we begin to flesh-out this website with additional HS-related information, please use the above two links for a wealth of information about HS, including many resources.

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