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How to Pack for Full-Time Travel: Mistakes & Tips from Newbie Digital Nomads (6 months abroad)

As most of you know, we spent six months in two countries - Mexico and Brazil - as brand new digital nomads (full-time travelers making a living virtually). Our goal was to only travel with a backpack and carry on, and WOW, what a challenge!!! I mean, how do you fit half a year of living into two small bags?!?!

In our latest video (below), we share mistakes we made (real example: girls - you don’t need 11 shirts!!!), plus many PRO TIPS we learned along the way to help you pack for your next extended vacation, work trip, or new life as a full-time travelers! We share our exact packing list with you to see exactly what you'll need for long-term travel.

Check out our Travel Essentials and Jeremy's Camera Bag for our recommendations / what we traveled with.

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